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September 19, 2014

Sunday Picnic at 11:00am!

SBMS This Week - In Pictures!

This Week at SBMS


Last week's "Heavy Water" dissolves into this week's slide presentation.

SBMSers At Headlands Institute September 2014

SBMS's Annual School Picnic
Sunday, Sept. 21        11:00am - 2:00pm
Guacamole Contest! Prizes! Real Prizes!

No entry fee. Anonymous entries will be accepted at the beginning of the picnic; Numbers will be assigned to each "bowl" of guacamole. Chips will be provided. Votes will be noted and tabulated. Winners announced before the Capture the Flag game. DISPLAY is your responsibility. Presentation is up to you.

1st Prize includes a bag of DON JAIME'S ORGANIC TORTILLA CHIPS.

Capture the Flag? (the new modern version)

The game is a game based loosely upon the Austrian hero, Leopold Heldenthum. We all recall how he went into battle in his white uniform, complete with belt holding his sword. At the end of the battle, holding the losing nation's flag up high, the removed his sword's belt to discover his blood soaked had a white swath across the middle and that's why Austria's flag looks the way it does. In other words, the kids know how to play the game, and you probably don't. And now we've change the game a bit, now it's sorta like freeze tag combined with rugby and jail break.

Basics: Go across the border into the kids' country and they can tag you, "Caught!" When caught you freeze, right there. Someone else on your team can release you if they sneak over and don't get caught themselves. They tag you and you can resume playing. The goal is to grab the flag and carry it back to your 'side.' Except we've changed the flag to a ball, AND you can throw the ball to someone on your team. If you catch the ball, you can throw it, run with it, or pass it off to someone else on your team. If the thrown ball is not caught the person who threw it is automatically 'caught' and must freeze. Frozen until released,

Of course, staying on your 'side' you can catch as many children as you like, "Caught!" and they have to freeze until another of them comes and frees them. They know. Your help in accepting their guidance might help us avoid claims like, "You're cheating!" We defer to them. It's a game, and arguing with a 6 year old is sort of like an oxymoron, right?

Goal: Capture their flag (ball) and carry or throw it (must be caught) back to your side. It's easy. hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

2015 Axxess Books are Here

Stop by the office and get your 2015 Axxess Book. $30 gets you discounts at over 500 local Merchants while also supporting SBMS!

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