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April 17, 2015

Three Things 3 Trois Tres III Tre Drei Три

Online Auction items - Three!!! (at least!)

online auction gets real on THURSDAY!
Three things. (3) Trois. Tres. Tre.

Here is a link to our Bidding For Good page. Sign up now! Check out the items we have so far.

SBMS Love Boat Auction Extravaganza - Bidding For Good

Summer Sessions

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Ya know...Juniper said something interesting about SBMS' Summer Camps, "It's the importance of the familiarity, the children can relax and enjoy themselves because it's fun, and there's exciting things to do that may be a bit different, but it's all within a familiar setting, with familiar ways of doing things." Which is important for young children, certainly. But, it's also important for the elementary children, too, especially regarding social skills. It's the familiarity of SBMS' expectations of kindness and grace and courtesy. And the engagement of the teachers, Paul Schmitt explains, "There's no other school like it, your teachers are completely engaged with the children." Thanks, Paul. "No, I'm serious, Fitz, I've been to 100s of schools and I've never seen anything like it. Seriously!"

2015 Summer Camps


United Nations at SBMS!    You're Invited!
Thursday, April 30   6:47pm (Lindsay has dance class)

All SBMSers are invited to attend this encore presentation from the SBMS Erdkinder (junior high) with their speeches and information presented at the United Nations in New York City before the vacation. Haiti. Libya. Iraq. They'll be following their dress code, their program, and abbreviated presentations-they spent three entire days in 'conference' before Jack spoke in the General Assembly. Children are welcome, too, in the audience. We'll set aside the front section for them in the multi-purpose room.

Those of you with children in SBMS' Primary and Elementary programs, have you wondered what your children will be doing when they're in junior high? Plan on attending this incredible demonstration of what learned young adults are capable of presenting. Your support of their efforts will be greatly appreciated.

SBMS Board of Directors Meeting

Open Meeting, Saturday May 9, 8:00am    RSVP
SBMS Alumni Hall (MPR)

Board President Melissa Moreno, J.D. explains the scheduled agenda;

We would like to share the broad goals we set for the Board and let you know the progress we have made on each of these items and the direction we are likely headed, and answer your questions.

Goals established:
(1) Transparency
(2) Fiscal Stability
(3) Succession Planning
(4) Equitable Policies & Procedures
Q & A

Horton Hears a Who!

You heard it, too, and now you can see it and hear it!
Holiday Program Video

Weekend entertainment. Enjoy!
In "limited release" up until now, it's available to G audiences now. (Remember when there were films that were actually produced for families?) Weird, that.

Horton Hears A Who!

Secret Meeting

The enigma wrapped within the puzzle meant to be discovered.
Thursday. April 23. Dargan's. 6:30pm

Plans, ideas, and creative input. Not that women aren't appreciated, it's just an attempt to be Secret. What do they call it, 'Guy's night out'? But it's not like that, it's a school project!

Sunday. April 26. SBMS. 1:00pm
Construction. Tools. Tool belts. Power tools. Fire power.

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