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October 17, 2014

"It's a magical world, Hobbes, ol' buddy..."

This Week at SBMS

This Week at SBMS - Week 7
This Week at SBMS - Week 8

Mommy & Me

Fridays in October at SBMS
10:00am - 11:00am
October 24; 31 $50/2 classes (more to come)

Kenji's brother Kai was in M&M today...afterward he met up with Fritz and Hearts. Fritz and Hearts were very patient with Kai. I mentioned to Jen "our" other Kai is at the Naval Academy. 'Kai' managed to get himself into the Academy without telling his parents until AFTER he was accepted. He'd met the Honorable Lois Capps as a SBMS student in DC, and she wrote his recommendation letter. Independent Montessori children!

Have you Facebook "shared" your "friends" about "Mommy & Me"? The classes will continue beyond the end of October.

Last Friday Kenji was beginning to eat lunch when Jasper arrived, "JASPER!" he said out loud, "HI! JASPER! And Jasper rushed to his side, "HI! KENJI!" It's great to have friends, especially on Pizza Day at lunch time. "It's a magical world..."

Book Faire Report = $8,193.48 in sales!

Thank you, Thalia Chaltas and PA organizers! Thalia dropped off $2,048.37 as 25% of Sunday's total sales. Incredible. Some suggested sales would likely be less than last year, they were. Some suggested our share would be less than previous 'Faires,' and it was, BUT we had a great time, and as Jack explained, "I met and talked with Brad Paisley and that was really interesting!" Turns out Brad is a big fan of Calvin and Hobbes, "It's a magical word, Hobbes, ol' buddy...Let's go exploring!"

So, books are still books, and they're an amazing thing to hold and 'collect,' and even though we all might depend more and more upon our e-readers, "Chaucer's" is a GREAT book store, and everyone at SBMS appreciates the positive experience we all enjoyed on Sunday evening!

SBMS PARENT NIGHT - Montessori Millionaire Club

MONTESSORI 101 - (Giants won, too!)

Newest Montessori Millionaire Club members were on parade. One million was right there, in front of us. We have photos to prove it...No photo-bombing necessary! 1,000,000. And margins. And adjectival clauses. Squares. Scientific notation. Exponents. Binomials. Chlora. And Phil. Photo synthesis.

We're not so isolated, ya know, we Montessori Millionaire Club members stayed caught up on the game, too. And it was one of those games where those poor Dodger fans were asking, "Wait. What. They didn't win the division! They're a Wild Card, and they're going to play the other Wild Card in the World Series?!?" Shaking their bobbled heads, those Doyer fans.

Axxess Books

Are here, still, but not for long...great gift for the holidays.
Santa Barbara Axxess Book

ASC & ADM Session #2

October 27 - December 12, 2014

The current session of After School Classes and ADM ends October 24. Please see attached list of offerings for session #2 which starts October 27.

Login to download the the ASC/ADM Session # 2 Form on the Current Parents page of the website.

Guided Observations (2nd)

Oct. 20 - 24

Beginning Monday, if you're not signed up it means you didn't sign up and that likely means that you won't be guided and you likely will not be observing...check in case there's a cancelation. Oh, if you have to cancel, please let us know. Those newest Montessori Millionaire Club members will recall the Guided Observations are the second stage of three-pronged attack, with the final third delivered during Parent Conferences. Oh, look what's next!

Parent Conferences (3rd)

Friday, Oct. 31

It's just a coincidence. Wait. What. SBMS hasn't had school on Hallowed Eve since 1984. Oh, that's 30 years! SUG (Sign Up Genius) goes out on Monday for multi-sibling families, and later for solo children. Don't hesitate. Relate. No debate. Don't be a reprobate? Wait. What.

SBMS Parent Social hosted by Deckers

Thursday, Dec. 4
6:00 - 8:00 pm

Mark your calendars, make sure your reindeer have enough food for the night, the folks at Deckers have invited us for adult refreshments and beverages, and if you were so inclined to purchase shoes (at a discount) they'll donate a portion of the sales from the evening to SBMS! I know.

Think of it as a Book Faire without books. Wait. What. Think of it as a party in a store that doesn't sell books, they sell shoes. RSVP, drop by, hang out, and if you want to buy some shoes you'll have that opportunity, too. AND there's a benefit for SBMS, too!

Holiday Program

Thursday, Dec. 18
6:30 pm

Pajama Day

Friday, Dec. 19
8:30 - 11:30 am

Holiday Camp Possibilities

Indicate your interest in Holiday Camp activities for Monday - Wednesday, Dec. 22 - 24; and or Monday - Wednesday Dec. 29 - 31. Last year's camp was cancelled due to lack of need. What say you about this year? Minimums will be necessary.

SBMS Calendar Dates as of 9/26/2014

SBMS 2014-2015 Calendar Dates


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